(1) Alexa Lasley (2008 Colorado Polgar Champ) - Dad (Matt Lasley) [B01]
BYU Football AFA Stadium, 15.11.2008

Comments by Matt Lasley.

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.Nf3 Bf5
This seems too fancy. Though I'm offering for him to take the pawn, if I get to take, it double's hers. [4...cxd5 5.d4 Nc6 ]

5.Nc3 Ne4
more over aggression, F gives another .3 to white on this, favoring Be2 or d4 next. Black can still just take the pawn

6.Nxe4 Bxe4 7.d4
at this point, Fritz switches to preferring d3

7...cxd5 8.cxd5
this can also be forestalled. If dc, Bxc4 developing.

Eventually F agrees, but I was tempted to use the Q

9.Bb5+ Nc6
Only 4 legal, this and Nd7 are close, but this preferred by F too. Of course A is on #1 moves.

10.0-0 Qb6
at depth 13 a6 is tied with this. So, seeing right moves still.

Starts as F's fav, but falls to Bxf6 at depth 12

Mistake. a6 was top of F's list, and mine too, but I liked bringing the rook over, but I underestimated how much this exposed my King. F slightly favored Black until this move.

12.Bf4 a6 13.Qc2
First time F greatly disagreed, calling this error. Prefered taking the Knight now. But I didn't see F's answer so no matter

But, I make distant 2nd move. [Just a different move order, F would just take here with G pawn, but if A follows a similar line to game... 13...Bxf3 14.Qf5+ 2nd fav and dangerous 14...e6 15.Qxf7 Ne7 Rd7 is required here but what if I was thinking like i did in game? (If I find the correct mvoe... 15...Rd7 16.Qe8+ Qd8 17.Qxe6 Bd5 Black escapes if he plays this well.) 16.Rfc1+ Bc6 17.Qxe6+ White's crushing pretty good.]

14.axb5 Bxf3
It's funny that I didn't even consider Qxpawn. F likes that 3rd behind Kd7 and f6, and mine is 8th or so.

15.Qf5+! e6 16.Qxf7
turns out 2nd best. Other move amazing and unseen. It's still close on this line. [F loves this. It removes a defender and threatens mate! 16.bxc6 bxc6 (Fritz preferred this move, but it allows White a pretty forceful sequence. 16...Bd6 17.Bxd6 Rxd6 18.Ra8+ Kc7 19.Qxf7+ Kxc6 20.Qxf3+ Rd5 21.Rc1+ Kd7 Now White can just take the rook, and still has fierc firepower pointed at Black.) 17.Qxf7 Ugh, White is crushing 17...Bd6 18.Ra8+ Bb8 19.Bxb8 Qxb8 20.Rfa1 ]

16...Ne7 17.Rfc1+ Kd7 18.Rc7+ Qxc7 19.Bxc7 Kxc7
Rc8 is very close 2nd favorite of Fritz, but I didn't even see it.

Fritz likes taking this with the pawn, and Qxe6 also preferred. [The Bishops is still stuck by mate threat starting with b6+ 20.Qxe6 Nd5 If Black finds the best move, Qf7+ re-forks to get the Bishop.]

After all that, this keeps things suprisingly close. Actually this is where I messed up last time. [played in the first game, and loses. I even checked for forks but didn't see the obvious one. 20...Rxd4 21.Qc3+ Kb8 22.Qxd4 I think I resigned here and rebuilt the game.]

g4, Ra7, Qf4+, Qc3+, Kf1 all preferred to this.

21...Kb8 22.b6
amazing girl

Bd6 preferred to this

not sure if this is the move.

not good. Bd6, which I've seen, is still best.

24.Rd1 Bc5?

25.Qxe5+ Bd6 26.Qxd4 Bxh2+ 27.Kxh2 Rxd4 28.Rxd4
And I wish I'd killed that b-pawn long ago.

28...Kc8 29.Kg3 Rd8
[this is F6's 15deep pref, sealing off the White King. 29...Re8 30.Rh4 h6 31.Rc4+ Kd8 32.Rc7 White's in control here, though still difficult. 32...Re7 33.Kf4 g5+ 34.Kg4 Re2 Keeping rook active.]

F6 likes Rc4+ pushing the King back away again since my Rook blocked his next square out.

30...Kxd8 31.Kf4 Kd7 32.Ke5 h5
3rd best and a point of value less a.t. F6 Of course, Alexa is playing perfectly [This is "best" but white is dominating the board, and can now move up his pawns while I sit here. One line has an exchange of pawns on h6, and race where both get Queens. Very dangerous, but White's still winning, but not as much as should be. 32...Ke7 ]

33.Kf5 Kc6
A still perfect, I must stay back with Ke7. Now it's lost and losing awhile she plays correct and I don't.

34.Kg6 Kxb6 35.Kxg7 Kc6 36.f4 Kd6 37.f5
black resigns again. 1-0